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IoT - Internet of Things

My son's school is trying to stir up interest in programming and I've volunteered to help with the technical issues.

Swift Programming

Apple is pushing their new Swift programming language as a replacement for Objective-C. It is pretty easy to figure out (there are tons of tutorials online) and quite nifty. Some things in Swift are easier than with Objective-C; some things are harder. Overall, though, it seems to be a nice new language. Time to dig deeper...

Codename One

Codename One is an open source product for cross platform mobile devices. You write the application once in Java with a Swing-like library, and then cross compile for a number of different mobile devices. I am just starting to develope apps with the tool. Strongly recommended. 

Net Neutrality


Comments Disabled Until Further Notice

Sadly, I have disabled commenting until further notice. There has been very little legitimate commenting, and far too much spam - and it is ever increasing. So... no comments.


I am creating a wiki for code snippets and instructions. I was using the blog, but after 2 months I've come to the conclusion that it wasn't the correct tool. The wiki is still in its infancy, so don't judge yet. It should slowly grow as I add information to it. You can find the wiki from the menu bar above, or directly at


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