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Even More Spam

This spam crap is annoying. A few messages a day - I can handle that. But some moron has started posting 100+ spam omments every day or so. So... comments are disabled until I get the time and incentive to put in some sort of validation. Truth be told, I haven't gotten many legit comments anyway - so maybe I will leave commenting disabled forever. Sigh.

Upgrading MediaWiki

It was time to do a minor upgrade to my wiki. I documented the steps within the wiki, so i have them for later.

Spam, spam, spam, spam

Spam, spam, spam, spam.

Spam, spam, spam, spam.

Spam! Wonderful spam!

Or not...

QGIS - An Open Source GIS

I did some work recently to complete the development of a simple GIS-like system to provide near-real-time situational awareness in the event of a massive disaster like a hurricane or earthquake. The system has great potential - we just need to find funding to develop an open source, enhanced version 2.

TRENDnet KVM Switch TK-407K v1.3R

A KVM switch lets you control 'N' computers with a single keyboard and monitor. If you have a couple of servers, and limited desk space, they are a great idea. I had an older 2 port IOgear switch that worked great. I decided to reuse my wife's old laptop - its keyboard was losing keys, but with a KVM, who cares? That made three computers so I needed a new KVM switch.

A Blog or a Wiki?

I've been trying to use this blog to document stuff that I don't want to forget, how to do things, etc. After about 2 months, I have come to the conclusion that a blog wasn't the best tool. I am finding it is difficult to search for the information i want.

So what is a blog good for? It is a great tool for telling short stories, or narratives describing experiences or things.

Updating Drupal Core with Drush

If you are running some Drupal sites, haven't invested the effort to install and learn Drush, do it.  I've got a number of Drupal sites I look after, plus the associated developement sites. All of them generale email notifications when there are updates - I started get a whole slew of emails yesterday.


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