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Moving a Drupal Site from Dev to Prod

I am really enjoying using Drupal to build websites. One hurdle I had to overcome what how to move a site from development into production. There are probably lots of better ways to do this, but I've settled on the following process. I read that you can use drush, but there were a number of setup steps required and i didn't feel like delving into those - perhaps if i had a lot of sites to replicate or something. But for one-of's? Nope, this works fine.

Blog Comments Disabled For Now

I need to do some CSS work to get the blog comments displaying nicely. I've disabled comments until I get that done. Thanks

2013-12-11 I've reactivated comments. We'll see how it goes.... - dan

New Blog

My poor old blog has been languishing. I wonder if i really can make the time to maintain this? Certainly I've come across a few different things building the Drupal sites tat might be worth oducmenting in a blog somewhere...  Plus, this gives me t opportunity to test out Drupal's blogging features. So what do you think? Should I try to spend 30 minutes every week maintaining this?

XCode Installation

NB: Reposted from an earlier blog. It really doesn't add much, because XCode is so easy to install, but I have a link in the VPN Istallation blog to this... - dan 2013-nov-23

I love the mac. Apple gives out for free their development environment, called XCode. Sure, it has some open-source compilers (like gcc)…. but to make it freely available…. Cool….  Anyway, if you are a programmer or inclined that way, or if you want to use the DarwinPorts or MacPorts stuff, you will need XCode.

VPN Configuration on Snow Leopard

NB: Reposted from my old blog - 2009-10-20. It was good information for Snow Leopard; in the last couple of years I haven't done any work for the BC Goverenment, but a new project is starting up. If I need VPN again, I will create a newer version of this... - dan 2013-11-23


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