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Work has thankfully slowed down a bit; after many, many months of hectic work building to the "GoLive" event, reducing my working hours to what is normally called "full time" seems like I have tons of spare time. The famly appreciates it. With all this free time, though, I have found time for some other projects: one new tool that has got my attention is CodeNameOne. I'll try to blog about it more later, but it purports to be a 'write once, deploy to many different mobile environments' thing. It sounds really interesting.

The other thing I am doing is brushing up on some of my Oracle skills. Groupon had an offer for 6 Oracle SQL, PL/SQL and DBA courses presented by GoGoTraining. I figured I would use the courses as a refresher, and to force me to learn a bit more about some of the recent additions to the toolsets in Oracle 11 and 12 - stuff I haven't had the opportunity to delve into:

  • Programming for Non-Programmers with JavaScript
  • Oracle 11g/12c: Introduction to SQL
  • Oracle 11g/12c: Advanced SQL
  • Oracle 11g PL/SQL Programming Part 1
  • Oracle 11g PL/SQL Programming Part 2
  • Oracle 12c: Database Administration I Part 1
  • Oracle 12c: Database Administration I Part 2

I have no idea why they threw that javascript one in- it's targetted at rank beginners. It is painfully boring (but there is no way to skip ahead without getting an Incomplete). I cannot count the times the teacher has reminded us to use a semicolon at the end of each command..... Hopefully the Oracle courses offer a bit more meat and are actually interesting.

I am a little annoyed that the bundle does not have access to the Q&A messageboard - this seemed to be a strong point with GoGoTraining's approach (at least in all the reviews I read). Apparently the Q&A forums are only available in "Premium" courses, and it is not obvious on their site that this is the case. Live and learn. I don't really think I'll need the forum - I can find my way through Oracle's documentation quite well, and have always used google to solve issues that stump me - but I was hoping to see what their forum was like.

Would I recommend their courses? Not sure. Check back in a couple of weeks or so when I have completed the Oracle courses. Then we'll see how they stack up.

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