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Raspberry PI, WAMP and

A friend lent me a Raspberry Pi B last week - he was curious how powerful it was, and if it might provide sufficient computing power for him to use with his 3D printer business. Wow, those things are cool! I've only dabbled in a few things so far, but I am so impressed.

Along the way, I got interested in RPC (remote procedure calls) with the idea of maintaining a 3D printer farm. Investigating some options, I came across the WAMP (Web Application Messaging Protocol) and the application. It's still pretty new, and (I am sorry to say) the documentation sucks, but it is intriguing. With a bit of perseverence, I've got a WAMP routine sitting on an older OpenSuSE box (32 bit), and java clients on my MacBook and on the RaspPI. Now that they are running and communicating at the Subscribe-Publish (or "SubPub") level, I have to dig into more detail describing what sort of payloads I can attach, build a logger on the router (possibly dumping into into a MySQL database), and look into the Procedure Registration/Calling.

The information IS all there to build this stuff, but i found it a bit scattered and unclear. Of course, I wanted to use primarily Java based clients as well, so I am not following the pack as much (seems most of the work is being done with Python). So I have started documenting my steps, along with the code samples, in my wiki. If you're interested in looking at WAMP, perhaps some of my headaches  will make your learning curve a bit easier.

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